“Kmpriyux hmtur ni maa brax mquri brah ” announces open call for mountain residency research projects in 2024.

Skadang ni Huhus o mniq ska “Dxgal Turku Klwaan saan rmigaw” ,nasi da maha dgiyq 清水山、千里眼山 ni 立霧山 o,ida asi ka muda heni ni msangai alang Skadang ni Huhus。

2023 hngkawas kingal idas siida ,rmngaw ka knlwaan alang Skangki ,alang Skadang ni Huhus o,ini tduwa hmut ptaqi seejiq eseisil alang,asi ka niqang patas mtaqi sapah seejiq pusu tnsapah,Kiya ni ungat ihan asi dha mdung ka alang sapah,saw kiya do ungat pila nangal ka alang seejiq da。

Kiya ni Kumu Unang do dmayaw alang musa empprngaw prngagan kana knlwaan alang Skangki ni rbagan 2023 hngkawas musa teumal 森人ni實驗 ET@T prngaw “Kmpriyux hmtur ni maa brax mquri brah”,kari saw nii do wada nadan 森人ni qpahun dha 2024 hngkawas。

Thanks to Ms. Kumu Unang for assisting with the Taroko translation.


“I don’t think being punished is the end of the world. On the contrary, I think we have been seen! If we are fined 30,000 NT dollars and get the legal qualification to provide host family services, let’s ask who is the winner…”

The Datong and Dali Tribe within Taroko National Park is a crucial passage to the ‘Skadang Three Peaks’ of Qingshui Da Shan, Liwu Shan, and Qianli Yan Shan. In recent years, the tribe has developed accommodation and shelter services for mountain enthusiasts. In early 2023, several tribal families received fines of 30,000 NT dollars from the county tourism office for violating the Statute for the Development of Tourism. They were instructed to suspend services until completing homestay registration. Faced with this unexpected situation, Kumu Unang (Ms. Li Huilian), the newly appointed chairwoman of the Tong Li Association, spent months negotiating with the Hualien County Government, Taroko National Park Management Office, and Xiu Lin Township Office to find a solution for the tribe.

In the summer of 2023, Tree Tree Tree Person was invited to participate in the ‘Ecology Writing and Art: an Aesthetic Event of the Closed Worlds’ forum organized by ET@T, where Kumu shared the story of how the tribe faced punishment. ‘Kmpriyux hmtur ni maa brax mquri brah (Turning Resistance into Motivation)’ was the topic of the forum.

In 2024, we will recruit resident researchers with the theme “Kmpriyux hmtur ni maa brax mquri brah.” Additionally, we extend invitations to tribal women to take on the role of curator, responsible for determining submissions and guiding the direction of project development. The selected residency research project will receive accommodation arrangements for one month in the Taroko Mountains of Hualien. Relevant presentation activities will be scheduled for the end of 2024. The residency research period can be self-planned, but it must be completed no later than September 31, 2024. Project proposals can respond to the annual theme from various perspectives or propose a custom research topic. The submission should include: 1. Details of the research project, 2. Preferred residency research period, 3. Providing ideas for expected presentation in TheCube Project Space and Taroko Mountain tribal area, free to express.

The applications will end at 24:00 on January 20, 2024, and applicants will be notified individually after the decision is made. The selected research projects will be provided with daily living allowance and research fees, assistance with arrangements and opportunities for public presentation. Professionals with backgrounds in contemporary art, cultural and historical studies, community work, and related fields are encouraged to apply.

Thanks to ET@T and TheCube Project Space for their support and assistance.


1. Participants please provide research plan and self-introduction, the content format is not limited. Upload the files to cloud space and provide us the url to complete the registration.
2. Applicants who live in Taipei are provided to assist in completing the submission. Please call 0963141989 or email treetreetreeperson@gmail.com.