太魯閣藝駐計劃 IV Part 3

Taroko Arts Residency Project IV Part 3

2021 hngkawas rbagan, smliq syakai klwaan ka COVID-19, smliq tnpusu alang dgiyaq kndsan Skangki ni Huhus uri, smliq mtgiyaq-pspuan Truku klgan qpahun Qtaun ka ndaan nii o karat rnabaw 2023hngkwasan, brahau IV Part 2, babaw wada mnhdu meytaq qowmi quri meeru narux siida o, prajing duri ka qpahun euda nii maxal idas siida, musa ku alang pnsliyan qqpahun uuda, miing ku smluhay qpahun nii siida, niqan ka pgkla lnglungan mu, qntaan mu ka Bnu, gisu mniq bukuy sapah niya, empririh bgurah smalu bukuy sapah na. lmlung ddjiyun smluun na, duri o qtaan na ka hligan lukus nii o, mdka saw msriqu balay. Paah tbarah miyah breenux hini dga, hligan lukus nii o niqan empusal hngkawas, ida wana hiya ka lnglungan mu da, nasi hmrinas ka hngkwasan 2022, dha idas siida dga, ngalun mu ka pila dnayaw quri qpahun quri emqdgiyaq, asi ta pddayi smalu hiya ka pila nii da.

Asaw saw qpahun nii o, psliyaun kana ka kykuyuh Bnu Pasang、Yuri Pasang、Simat Qurang、Yaya Huwat、Cumey Hrosi、Tumun Masaw、Yeyku Likaw、Qurug Tumiyu, maspat hiyi kuyuh alang nii mseupu qmpah, pwoda dha saw qpahun qtaan kana seejiq nii o, pdaun maspat kykuyuh nii, dha idas mniq 關渡美術館, duri ni mlswa pnrhulan Skangku mseupu qmeepah euda IV Part 2 nii.

Prjingan qpahun nii o 2022hngkawas nii o, psliyan mngari kykuyuh psmalu qpahun nii, ptlutut kari sapah qhuni(家庭樹:序言) Part 1 qpahun quri daya. Mlawa seejiq muda gmaaw, manu ka qpahun dha mniq daya ka COVID-19 siida? Mniq dxgal rudan nii o msupu lmnglung mseusa ni balay.


Mgaaw seejiq rnaaw

Ida mha mdka euda kykuyuh nii ka euda. Kana mgaaw ni empqpah o empseupu 「太魯閣藝駐計劃」將與「關渡美術館駐館計畫」muda. Pusu dmudul nii o kykuyuh maspat hiyi nii ni seejiq 美術館,empseupu mgaaw seejiq miyah powsa patas.

Nasi gnegan ka tru qmpringan o, mha niqan kingal idas ka nniqan dgiyaq ni empqita 關渡美術館 dha sngayan. Dusa nanak mkug ka nniqan jiyax, bitqa mnhdu hhngkawan nii. Qtaun ka ndaan nii o jiyax 2023 hngkawas karat srnabaw. Brahaw namu balay iyah powsa patas. Qpahun alang nii o tduwa powsa patas samaw https://bit.ly/3HJRoam.

Paah sayang bitaq 2022hngkawas 5 idas31jiyax ka powsa patas, nasi namu wada mowda du, pbiqun djiyun quri uuqun tru kbuhug mrimal kbkuy, djiyun slhayan o pbiqun pila kingal kbuhug, pqita alang Skangki ni 美術館 o aji mduuy pila kida.


2021年夏天,COVID-19影響了台灣社會的運轉、影響了山上太魯閣大同大禮部落的生活,也影響了森人—太魯閣藝駐計劃IV Part 2的進行;在確定每位認識的部落長者皆完成第二劑疫苗施打後,森人恢復了駐山研究員的安排及進駐。同年十月某次回返部落山下社區探望,順便尋找藝駐計畫靈感時,發現阿香阿姨正在為家裡後方外搭陽台因老舊坍塌進行置換新支撐架的工程煩惱,一方面是針對工程的費用,另一方面則是對僅剩一半的陽台感到非常不便也非常危險,其中還得知自其一家搬遷至山下生活以來,陽台也已使用了二十多年⋯⋯這段對話於腦中迴響不斷,反思起假若將隔年(2022年)二月關美館的部分展覽資金,挹注予山上部落婦女的家務事,能不能描繪一個不一樣的勞動風景?

以此為引,本次計畫邀請Bnu Pasang、Yuri Pasang、Simat Qurang、Yaya Huwat、Cumey Hrosi、Tumun Masaw、Yeyku Rikaw、Qurug Tumiyu八位部落婦女合作,將來自藝術展覽製作的挹注金交予她們,提供其自由支用,但必須在二月於關渡美術館的展覽中,分享她們如何使用資金的思考;於此同時也延伸前述太魯閣藝駐計劃 IV Part 2的討論與精神,邀請砂卡噹教會參與本次挹注金交換計畫。

森人-太魯閣藝駐計劃IV也從2020年以九位婦女集體繪畫創作〈家族樹:序言〉為Part 1出發,到如今2022年的Part 3以〈山上的家務事〉為主題進行進駐研究計畫徵集,關切疫情時期山上的家務勞動,持續延伸傳統領域裡自然與藝術關係的想像。








Bnu Pasang、Yuri Pasang、Simat Qurang、Yaya Huwat、Cumey Hrosi、Tumun Masaw、Yeyku Rikaw、Qurug Tumiyu、陳政道、砂卡噹教會



2022/02/25-05/22,《反之亦然雙個展 | 關美館藝術進駐研究方法二:當我們談論駐村時我們在談論什麼?》,關渡美術館,台北


*感謝Nac Hijiyu女士及Yaya Huwat女士協助太魯閣語譯文。


“Family Matters in the Mountains” announces open call for mountain residency research projects scheduled in 2022.

In the summer 2021, COVID-19 impacted the operation of the society in Taiwan, the lives of the Datong Village and Dali Village in the mountains of Taroko, and the execution of “Tree Tree Tree Person – Taroko Arts Residency Project IV Part 2.” After all the known elders in the tribe were verified as having received their second dose, Tree Tree Tree Person resumed the arrangements and residencies of the researchers in the mountains. During one revisit to the tribal community beneath the mountains in October while searching for inspirations for the art residency project, we found Auntie Bnu troubled by the replacement for the balcony extension supports behind her place, which collapsed due to aging. It was in part because of the construction cost as well as the terrible inconvenience and extreme danger with the surviving half of the balcony. Also, we learned that the balcony was in service for over twenty years since she had relocated beneath the mountains. This conversation has been lingering in our minds ever since. We are wondering if we could allocate a portion of the fund of the exhibition at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (KdMoFA) next year (2022) to the housework of the women in the mountains, can we depict a different labor landscape?

With that, the project invited Bnu Pasang, Yuri Pasang, Simat Qurang, Yaya Huwat, Cumey Hrosi, Tumun Masaw, Yeyku Likaw, and Qurug Tumiyu, totally eight tribal women, for collaboration. The production fund for art exhibition is entrusted at their disposal on a condition that they are required to share their thinking in the exhibition at KdMoFA in February as to how they use the fund. Meanwhile, extending the discourse and spirit of Taroko Arts Residency Project IV Part 2, the Shakadang Church was invited to this funded exchange project as well.

Tree Tree Tree Person – Taroko Arts Residency Project IV began with Family Tree: Preface produced collectively by nine females in 2020 as its Part 1. In 2022, themed with Family Matters in the Mountains, the Part 3 calls for residency research projects. The housework labor in the mountains during the pandemic shall be brought into focus, extending the imagination for the relationships between nature and art in the traditional arena.


Call for Entries for Tree Tree Tree Person – Taroko Arts Residency Project

Following the previous direction with tribal women to handle the curating works, responsible for entry selection and project development. The “Taroko Arts Residency Project” this year, in partnership with “KdMoFA Residency Program,” invites the tribal women and the museum staff to vote and decide on the submitted entries together.

The three research projects selected shall be granted with the opportunities to one-month residency at Taroko in Hualien and two-week residency at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. The artists may arrange their schedule at will as long as they complete their projects no later than the end of 2022. The residency reflections shall be presented in spring 2023. Individuals with expertise in the contemporary arts, cultural and historical studies, or community works are welcome to apply, a good match for those skilled in domestic matters. The registration link: https://bit.ly/3HJRoam.

The call for entries will be due on 31 May 2022. The results will be notified individually upon decision. Each selected research projects will be awarded with a living allowance of NT$35,000, a research grant of NT$10,000, free accommodation space, and a chance to public presentations in both Hualien and Taipei.



Bnu Pasang, Yuri Pasang, Simat Qurang, Yaya Huwat, Chumay Haloshi, Masow Dumuan, Yeyku Licaw, Qurug Tumiyu, Cheng-Tao Chen, Shakadang Church


Exhibition Information

25/02/2022-22/05/2022, VICE VERSA Dual Solo Exhibition-Research Approach to Art in Residence II: What Are We Talking About When We Talk About “AIR”?, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

Host: Tree Tree Tree Person – Taroko Arts Residency Project
Co-organizer: Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

*Taroko translation was assisted by Ms. Nac Hijiyu and Ms. Yaya Huwat.

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